Theatre Tonic 2015 | Bazooka Arts | Arts For Health & Well-Being

A Time for Passion – Theatre Tonic performance for SMHAFF 2015 – East Kilbride

A Time For Passion was a new play created by Theatre Tonic with Zoe Brook and Charles Donnelly from Bazooka Arts.   The play was inspired by the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival theme of passion.  The group devised scenes based on personal passions; these included antiques, cricket, 80s music, Star trek and Dr Who.

The play charted the journey of passion through ordinary lives and how it changes over time.  The play was performed on October 11th 2015 for the first time and then toured community halls with performances for local groups.

The play was very well received by audiences and was a major personal achievement for many of the group members in terms of overcoming the barriers created by anxiety, depression and lack of confidence that can so often mean not fully participating in life.Rehearsals and the production of the play were supported by project partners Network and Community Learning, South Lanarkshire Council.