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Our impact

“it made me forget about everything else that was going on in my life, all the stressful stuff … I could just lose myself in it”

Our projects engage participants in inspiring arts activity which aim to create meaningful connections and promote opportunities for personal development.

Evaluation of our work has identified multiple personal and social benefits with high numbers of people reporting improvements in confidence, quality of life, feelings of well-being, relaxation, therapeutic effect, enjoyment and laughter, new friendships and reduced isolation.  People have also reported enjoying doing something meaningful, using memories, passions, and places that they love to inspire artwork.

“Bazooka Arts gave me back my life”

Our findings are supported by the 2011 Mental Health Foundation report reviewing the research evidence for participatory arts and their impact. The review found benefits to mental and physical well-being at individual, community and societal levels.

Professional testimonials

“Just being here has made me feel better already… it makes me feel so happy”