The Time of Our Lives

We had a great day on 11th October, when Theatre Tonic performed their new play  “The Time of Our Lives” .

Created with the support of Bazooka Arts and Community Learning South Lanarkshire, the show was performed at East Kilbride Arts Centre as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2016.

The play was inspired by this year’s festival theme Time. The group created scenes around the different stages of life throughout different decades. DJ Mickey Mac Young tells the story of a group of friends brought together by a love of music. He reveals what happens to each of them over time, taking us on a journey that spans the music and big events of many decades. From 50s Rock n roll to 60’s flower power, strikes in the seventies, cold war fears of nuclear threat in the 80s and the Gulf wars of the 90s and 2000s… and on towards a care home of the future.

Theatre Tonic provides opportunities for people to learn and develop theatre production and art/design skills in a sociable environment that promotes positive mental health and well-being. Many people attending the group are affected by a variety of health issues including, mental ill health.

These are some comments about Theatre Tonic by group members;

‘Theatre Tonic is a real tonic’ ‘it is one big happy family and it is the best thing to ever happen!
‘It has a dual purpose – a social side and a drama side – and both are equally important’
‘Drama is a bit like therapy, it makes you feel better’ ‘It brings my mood up’
‘Rehearsing gives everyone confidence, and that grows even more performing in front of an audience’
‘You escape, forget your worries, have a laugh, relax, meet other people with the same issues and help each other’
‘It helps with memory and speech problems’ ‘It brings out your creativity’
’I feel I am enjoying life much more since being involved in the drama. I believe my confidence has improved greatly, I also believe I have more friends and altogether I am much happier’’

This project has been funded by Voluntary Action Fund, The Robertson Trust and The Lanarkshire SMHAFF Committee.

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